Prevent data from leaving home network


I do not want my data to leave my home network at all (outside my firewall). How do I prevent ANY data access

from outside?



if not even for you turn off remote access in the UI

if someone hacke into any device on your network all are at risk so good wifi security, router firewall and password settings etc

I guess I should be more specific. What does it mean to “turn off remote access”? I have the drive mounted as NFS

on the local network. Does remote access mean turn off internet access, or all access, or ???

On your local network:

  • only the admin user (the user with a green check mark in the admin UI) can access the NAS admin UI

  • any network user, regardless of whether they are a NAS user (ie a user declared in the NAS admin UI), can access any public share, or any private share the admin gave them access to. Any home network user can access any video, photo, music content of any share, public or private regardless of share access right, if media sharing is enabled.

Outside your local network, whether on WD mobile apps, desktop app or website

  • nobody can access the admin UI, not even the admin,

  • no user that is not a NAS user can access any content,

  • if you have remote access turned on in the admin UI, only NAS users can access any public or private share for which they have been given access rights, IF you have enabled these users for remote access. Enabling remote access for a NAS user, you have used the admin UI to send them an invitation to register on and/or you have given them an access code generated from the admin ui.

  • you can also provide access to outside users by sharing a link to the folder or file. Anybody with the link can access the linked content, but only this content.

So as you can see, access can be very tightly controlled.

Thanks for that very complete overview.

Yes, I only want to use the drive for NFS mounts and I never want data to leave area beyond the firewall.