Prevent children from Formatting the disk

i have seen all menues and settings but there is nothing to lock or password protect disk format; if a kid comes and format the internal disk by accident , the device does not ask him/her a password, so all my data will be can i lock or password protect that???

I Disabled the FORMAT HDD option in my latest Theme. (Internal and External)

Here’s how …Edit these 2 XML’s



You will see in both of these the lines…


you can delete the FORMAT line if you wish or Rem it and turn it into a ‘Comment’


Thats the only way i know how to disable it. 

And of course the one flaw… if the Kids change the Theme they will be able to access the FORMAT again in a ‘Different’ Theme.

Another potential Disaster waiting to Happen is…

Kids Accessing the “Firmware Upgrade” option.

So if you have Live Hub ‘Online’ and have ‘Detect New Firmware’ turned ‘OFF’

If they access the option and turn ‘ON’ the ‘Detect New Firmware’  they will see  the Firmware Update option on the Home Screen (if there is newer version available)

2 Scenarios:

Kids Successfully Update your Firmware to a New Version without your Knowledge

Kids Start the Update Procedure and during the Install get bored and Switch Off the Live Hub’s Power. (Potentially Damaging your Live Hub)

My Latest Theme ‘Disables Firmware Updating’  even if the Option to Detect is turned ON.

Edit this XML.


Locate these lines of code…

<button valkey=“RV_HOME_MENU_NEW_FW”
        name=“New Firmware”

And DELETE them.

Again the flaw is, if you change the ‘Theme’ eg. back to Default(Mochi)  you will have access to the Firmware Update again.