Pretty good so far.... but a couple issues

I just exchanged a Patriot Box Office for a WD TV Live HD. And for the most part, I am impressed. I was able to connect to the unit from my Windows 7 desktops and laptop as well as my MacBook Pro without configuration. I just plugged the box into my home network and everything found it. I was able to drag and drop all my music and video files into an attached external USB drive (1TB Samsung Eco Drive).

Now the problem is I cannot get the fast forward and reverse to work on the MP4 movies that I rip using Handbrake on my MacBook Pro. The WDHD plays the movies fine and they look great. I can pause and stop them, but no fast forward or reverse. (Note that I can use Fast Forward on WMV tutorial videos, but not on MP4 movies. In comparison the Patriot Box Office allowed me to fast forward and reverse these same MP4 films.) Is this a bug or an I doing something wrong? I have upgraded to the latest firmware.

The other problem is I cannot get the WDHD to recognize all the album art. It only seems a couple album covers. Is there something that I am doing wrong here too?

All the best,