Press F2 or Del

Whan I connect my WD 500 black 6 gbps to my new build (DVD, WD Drive only, no OS installed yet), in my ASUS A88XM-A FM2+ motherboard jams with the error above.

without WD attached, system goes into BIOS and motherboard has been checked by Asus twice.

originally it would recognize and fail OS install with file is “corrupt or missing.” when installing win 8.1

took the drive out and formatted in ASROCK Win XP, 3 gbps connection & IDE system.  drive was recognized in that system. had ASUS upgrade BIOS on RMA

reinstalled WD on FM2 +, and haven’t been able to get past above error message since.  Any ideas ?

Have you tried using another SATA cable? 

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Is the drive powering up at all?  Also, be sure that the cable is securely connected on both ends and that the bios is seeing the drive in the hard drive section.

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yes, ASUS had me switch cables.  

One thing I forgot to mention, PC where I formatted the drive was a dual Win / Ubuntu system.  and I looked at the drive in Ubuntu.  maybe it wrote something to the drive.

when I tried to set the jumpers to 3 Gbps it seemed to power up a little.  But the jumper pictures online are for the old 4 pin power connectors.