Prerelease Firmware (1.02.14) for testing

If you are lucky you can test some prerelease firmware which WD have just made live.

It corrects a number of things and if you are unhappy you can roll back to .24

Get it here but hurry because it is limited.

Version 1.02.14:   

Resolved Issues: 

·  Added Windows 7 Support. 

·  Added larger subtitle font size options. 

·  Added European language input for keyboard. 

·  Added serial and part number to About page. 

·  Added support for embedded subtitles in mpg files. 

·  Added new category in Photo/Video to view by date. 

·  Added a field in network settings for changing the workgroup name. 

·  Added ability to play a video from the preview window without restarting. 

·  Added username/password feature for SAMBA security. 

·  Added Wireless LAN strength bar in Network info page. 

·  Changed default browsing by date to start with the latest files first. 

¬∑ ¬†Changed video browse default to ‚ÄúPreview Mode‚ÄĚ instead of thumbnail mode.¬†

·  Corrected several language translations issues.  

·  Resolved issues with subtitle sync adjustment.  

·  Resolved abnormal display of BMP photos through a media server. 

·  Resolved Audio channel information shows up in AutoPlay mode. 

·  Resolved Blu-ray slow playback across SAMBA. 

·  Resolved camera files not enumerating correctly in mass storage. 

·  Resolved login issue with SAMBA after exiting screen saver. 

·  Resolved DVR-MS black screen problem on resume after forward and rewind. 

·  Resolved external sub/idx subtitles flashbacking issue. 

·  Resolved playback across media server failures.   

·  Resolved hard drive icon from disappearing in the video list under preview mode. 

·  Resolved issue of HDMI becoming jittery after long time play. 

·  Resolved M4V files not supporting fast forward and rewind. 

·  Resolved manual network addressing issue. 

·  Resolved missing shuffle & repeat icon for slideshow within Flickr. 

·  Resolved music search not displaying playlist names. 

·  Resolved network devices (SAMBA) disappearing without warning. 

·  Resolved PTP issue of unsupported video file formats DX6490,DIMAGE Z2 & X1, Optio 

555 and DMC-FX2. 

·  Resolved Sony Walkman not showing photos within directory. 

·  Resolved unsupported file formats not showing an error message. 

·  Resolved video playback overscan issue for CRT TVs. 

·  Resolved WIFI Belkin F6D4050 with RAlink 3070 chip and Linksys WUSUB100 Ver 2. 

·  Resolved WIFI ZyXel NWD-270N dongle not enumerating.

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Still waiting for full DVD/Menu support.

OK I have to edit and revise my posting.

I used my desktop which is hard-wired to the router and I was able to connect to the WDTV.

I tried several movies and mp3s and used PLAY to WDTV and after 5 - 8 seconds it started palying on my wireless WDTV. I assume that hard-wiring the WDTV would speed up connection time.

At the moment I have not been able to stream from WIndows Media player though it tries to establish a connection.

The following happens when I connect frrom my wire-less laptop:

PLAY to WDTVLIVE … Connecting to network device … Eventually will show up on WDTV video play-list but hangs there.

Same with MP3 - first gives connection error but recovers and shows up on music playlist. But does not play.

I’m happy to see they are fixing bugs, but I hope some of the many requested ideas show up soon.

Might be worth mentioning that the official thread for this prerelease is here:

If you want WD Staff to see and react to your feedback / comments, you must post in the thread linked to above.

They didn’t create this thread, so will not be checking it for feedback.  

If you are not running the 1.02.14 prerelease firmware, please don’t spam the official thread with your opinions of what they should be including.

The thread is there to deal with that particular firmware, to identify problems unique to that firmware and to isolate contributing factors.  If you have ideas for future firmwares, post them in the Ideas Exchange.

Also, you probably shouldn’t download the 1.02.14 prerelease if you have a lot of MKV files and connect via Network Shares; there’s an acknowledged bug that adds significant delay to loading times (at least several minutes for larger films).  Doesn’t seem to be a delay for directly attached (USB) or Media Server streamed MKVs though.

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