Preparing wd20ears for windows xp

i have my hard drive almost full of data and is properly aligned to windows 7

but it seems that this new adanced format thing sometimes doesnt work like it should…

normaly in usb i have poor transfers writing to the drive like 15MBs 

the drive is properly aligned to windows 7and its working in an external case with e-sata and usb 2.0…

it seems that setting the jumper  in wd15ears the drive works much better in the older mode 512 bytes so i will try with this drive too

what do i need to do??

i think i need to transfer all my data to another drive and remove all partitions ?? its that correct or there is another better way?

( i will have to wait because i dont have another drive so big to put he data in)

im trying to find a way to bypass this issue because i know that the problem is the firmware and its support and not the mechanics in the drive

the smart is clean :)  and the drive has been working great (only the speeds sometimes) in the 3 months that i own it

im trying basicaly to revert it back to he old mode preparing to windows xp ( but i will continue to use windows 7 alongside with it to acess the data, i hope that will be no problem…

thank you once again

sorry for my bad english

anyone ???


Are you using the drive via USB 2.0 or eSATA? You’re not gonna get too much more out of USB 2.0. Maybe a max of 30MB/s. If its eSATA, what exactly are you doing? How many partitions are on the drive etc.

i can get sustained transfers of 30-32 MBs in the old drives of western digital like wd5000AAks with tree platers

in this new one normaly i get 15 -20Mbs writing and 20-30 reading from the drive in usb 2.0

with  e-sata transfers normaly starts very slow but after 10 or 20 seconds  transfers normaly

the drive has only one partition

im thinking putting the jumper and continuing to use it in the external case

will force old  512bytes sector and hope that this drive after that, works like the others :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you very much for trying to help !

Remember you’ll need to recreate the MBR and partitions once you jumper the drive. 


quick format in windows will solve that issue right?

No, a windows quick format won’t touch the partition table. You’d have us the storage management in windows, dos fdisk or preferrably linux live cd with parted/gparted

ok thank you

i only have understood why you talk in mbr now, im sorry mate :confused:

its my fault, because im thinking in my language and writing in english later

i dont want to put windows xp in the drive

i just want that windows xp  can use correctly with that drive ( with the normal speeds of the drive and not the slower ones loool) only with backups and not with windows itself :confused:

thanks for helping me once again tului :wink: