Preparing G DRIVE 3.0 for a new enclosure

Hello Everyone,

My G Drive 3.0 ( G-DRIVE mobile USB Portable USB 3.0 Hard Drive 1TB (7200RPM) (0G02874)) has a broken port, and from the previous topics I figured it can be put into another enclosure (like this one)

To put it into a new enclosure, I need to remove the little board that goes into SATA (sorry, I do not know the correct name for it.) Here is a picture of this “little green part” from a video.

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 17.31.34

However, from the comments on that video, the person was not able to keep the data on his hard drive. I have tried to detach that little green board from the drive, but it seems to sit there pretty firmly. I am afraid that pulling too hard will cause damage.

Has anybody tried to remove that part and put it into a new enclosure? Any tips on how to not damage it, and whether the data will be safe?


Update: I was able to take it off. (Still would be grateful if you could help figure out the correct name of this part).

I will update you on the process once the new enclosure arrives.