Preformatted ext4 HDD hard disk?

Hey, all. I’m contemplating purchase of an EX2 NAS, and I have what I hope is a simple question:

If I have a drive that is already formatted as ext4, can I pop it in and expect the EX2 to recognize it, or does it have to be reformatted no matter what? I’m trying to save time so I don’t have to transfer 3TB of stuff over the network when it’s already on a drive. Thanks for any info you can share.


During RAID Configuration process, drive would go under reformatting process then starts to backup.

Okay, thanks.

The configuration process usually wipes the drive and sets up 4 partitions. One small partition is for swap, one is for the system, another is reserved unformatted, and the bulk of the rest is reserved for all your data. The system also records the disk and partition details in several other files, so it is not advisable to swap or install new drives without doing the process first.