Pre Sales Question

I am an accountant with clients in mulitple states and need an easy way to work on my clients quickbooks files without any copying or moving of files around. Each client should have a logical mapping of my cloud drive which is unique to their computer for example: \mycompanycloud\client folder  or clientfolder/mycompanycloud (x:) 

My clients all use accounting programs that I will need to manage in a realtime manner. Which WDC product would you recommend? My initial thought was the EX2/4 products, but not sure it would offer the type of LAN/WAN enviroment I need. If you think about it another way, I need to treat my clinets as if they are all in the same office on the same server and network.

Any help would be appreciated. 


I would forgo both the expense and complexity of the setting up a NAS on your lan and trying to get access to all your clients & webdav sync and drive mapping ???

your either:

A) a networking genius who loves entropy and added complexity 

B) a fool who doesn’t understand how complex of project you want to  undertake

C) a user with mildly advanced needs who should be seeking out a moderately priced and well performing cloud sync tool like Dropbox for Business