Pre Sale question/ First Post)

I am considering buying the WD Plus and have 2 pre sale questions:

(1)I would like to play ISO  DVD image on my TV as well as photos from iphoto library. I have an imac and a Time Capsule router. If I connect the WD Plus to the Time Capsule  via an ethernet cable and my TV to the WD Plus via an HDMI cable will I be able to stream this (and other) content from  my Mac to my TV?

(2) Re: Audio I havea Yamaha audio sound bar system which is connected to TV through my DirectV DVR via an HDMI cable and to my DVD player via an optical cable. There are no more ports on the Yamaha (even if thee were I don’t want to be fishing wires through the wall into the closet where my hardwae is located.) Since I will be using the HDMI port on the WDtv plus for the TV, can I use an HDMI swithch to split the HDMI port  thet goes into the Yamaha sound system and the other end into the Direct TV DVR (ieone  port for the WD plus and one for  DVR)? or can I split the optical ports so one cable goes into the yamaha and thother to the WDTV plus? Or what is the best solution for audio?

P.S. The alternative is imply to skip the Yamaha sound system and use the TV’s built in (but inferior) speaker.


  1.  No.  At least in the manner you describe it.   DVDs don’t play from Media Servers.   You’ll need to make your storage accessible to SAMBA clients to play DVD ISOs.  Other Content will be at the discretion of the Media Server.

  2.  Yes, it’s feasible to do all of that.   Not sure about an OPTICAL splitter, though…  But there are HDMI switches that do just that.

Thanks for your response. Perhaps my question was not clear and i think (from other posts on this forum ) that the wdtv+ can do this: My imac is ethernet wired into my Time Capsule router. I intend to plug the WDTV+ into the same router. If I have an ISO image of a DVD on my Mac’s desktop, why wont it play on my TV through the WDTV+ gui?

It WILL, if your Mac is set up as an SMB server.

Or I assume I can set up a public folder on my Mac into which I copy the ISO disk images) whiich can be shared with the WDTV+ somehow (through some selection on its gui.)