Pre Purchase WDP Wireless Question



I am looking to purchase a WDP for a 6 month deployment that I am about to go on. I do have a few questions, that I have not found explicitly.

Firstly, I just want to confirm I will NOT need any sort of internet connection to utilize the WDP if it has files downloaded to it? I will have time (another 4 months or so) to download as many movies as I can to the WDP, but while deployed I will have almost no internet connection, this will not be a problem. Correct?

Second: The plan at the current moment is to purchase a Samsung Chromebook Plus (primarily for movie watching purposes) and utilize the WDP to house all my movies. In a perfect world I would be able to stream from the WDP ON the chromebook, will this be a problem? Is the Chromebook Plus compatible with the WDP?

Finally: Does all this sound good? or is there any flaws you guys forsee? Do you guys think something else would better suit me?

Thank you in advance!


I have a MPW, and it goes on trips with us. Because it emits its own wireless signal, our mobile devices (and even a laptop) can connect to the MPW signal. we are able to access movies and music on it.

You are good to go. We have mp4 types of movies stored on drive and mp3 music, too. It plays a lot of file types so check the specs if you have different formats of media files. Not all will play.