Pre-purchase Recommendations please

I need one of those to cable my WD TV Live.

Anything should I know before I buy it? Recommendation, alets, etc.?

I mean would it just work or do I have to look at my electrical cables and layout to actually see if it will suit my house?

About the only thing you’d have to worry about is if your Electrical Service Panel has Arc-fault Circuit Interrupters on the circuits you’ll use.   If so, the LiveWire MIGHT not work.

Now, there’s never a guarantee of what kind of speed you’ll get…

I am considering geting 2 kits of these livewire, if they ever come to argentine. There are

no traces of them here, only zyxel, netgear and another one.

do they work here (220-240 volts) ?

will they work in a setup like this:

|    1         2         3        4               |             ---------
| xxxxx  xxxxx  xxxxx  xxxxx     ***   |            |  xxxxx  |
| x===x x===x x===x x===x   * //*  |            |  x===x  |                 ------------
| x      x x      x x      x x      x   *// *  | ~~~~~~ |  x      x  |::::::::::::::expressionless: Power Grid |
| x      x x      x x      x x      x   */  *  |            |  x      x  |                 ------------
| xxxxx  xxxxx  xxxxx  xxxxx     ***   |            |  xxxxx   |                 220V 60Hz
|  10A     10A     10A    10A      CB  |            |   50A    |
|                                                    |              ---------
  ------------------------------------------             External Panel
  Internal Panel

CB: This some type of circuit braker:

      * FG 302/40 “Differential Interuptor” (translated from spanish “interruptor diferencial”)

Is any way to halt the trafice between the internal panel and external panel, like a filter of some type? (wich one?)