Pre-purchase question re: displaying photos

I have a TV that allows me to plug in a usb drive and display the photos on the drive.  Problem is that it displays the photos randomly and there is no provision to sort the photos so they display in sequesnce (name or date or other)

So, how does the WD TV Live product display photos from your computer or from a NAS?

Said another way - I navigate to a folder (on my computer or on the NAS) full of pictures that I want to display.  What sepuence do they display in?

I’ll ask a simiplar question about a folder full of music.  In this case, I prefer random.  Will it choose songs from subfolders randomly?


I will address the music question first, as that is what I am most familiar with. 

Yes, you can randomize the music you play from folders, but it takes creating a playlist first that pulls out individual tracks. You copy the playlist(s) to the internal drive or external drive connected to the media player.  The player has a “shuffle” mode but it is not that good of a shuffler; especially when my entire iTunes library with 1000’s of tracks is involved…

It’s best to create a playlist of random tracks to play, although one can shuffle that playlist via the media player, too.  During the year I have had my Live Plus unit I have strove to create a truly random list using either iTunes or Windows 7 media player.  Both had their shortcomings, and it was not until recently that I stumbled upon the “holy grail” method of creating truly random playlists. 

This is how I do it today:

All my iTunes media files are on an HD connected to the media player; basically it is the backup of my iTunes Media folder, with more than just music in it.  (Movie videos are on a second attached  HD, so the media player knows where to look for the music and always goes to the correct drive.)  So, all 9000+ tracks of music are there, and it is a selected list I created by making a “Smart” playlist in iTunes so only the music I want to play is in there, minus Podcasts and videos, as well as any artist, album, etc. I don’t want in there is absent.  This is the music I listen to on my iPod on shuffle mode and also what I want to hear via the media player.

Here is where the random playlist begins; from the Smart Library I have set up.  This is what I discovered recently to make the random playlists.  I select the music from this Smart playlist and have "iTunes DJ " instantly select tracks from it.  DJ can be set to pull up to 100 tracks.  This random playlist is exported (saved) to a playlist file called iTunesDJ.  I add the #1 to the name, hit the refresh button and another 100-track playlist is created, and I add #2 to the name of this list.  I make a few of these as it only takes a second, and copy them all to the drive with the music into a folder called Playlists and the media player finds this folder and displays all the playlists in it.

I play through these playlists, and when they are used up, I can easily create new random ones.  Hopefully, this is enough info to help anyone to also do this.

Photos?  I don’t use that feature much,  but perhaps iTunes or Win 7 media player can create photo playlists as well for the media player, too.  Maybe someone who does this can step in next and tell us how.

Reguarding photos it will play the photos in the order they are displayed you can change how it is sorted kind of like how you can change the order in windows explorer 

In the wd tv live smp you can sort by date - ascending or descending, Alphabetical - ascending or descending, if you apply ratings to your pictures you can even sort ascending or descending by ratings or last but not least Reciently viewed ascending or descending. and you can also filter