Pre-Purchase Question: 1080p streaming


Just wondering if anyone could comment on the WD Live’s wireless 1080p streaming.

I currently use PS3 media server to stream 720p video to my TV - but the picture isn’t great - and 1080p files stutter too much to watch. Occasionally I play 720p/1080p content via a USB drive via my PS3 but it’s a long process to get the files into a format that the PS3 will recognize and play.

I’m not an expert in the wireless router/network requirements to seamlessly stream 1080p content - but I do have a FiOS Internet connection of up to 25 Mbps/25 Mbps.

I guess my question is whether or not it’s worth the $90 to buy the WD TV Live - or if I should just stick to streaming over PS3 media server and/or playing the video off a USB drive via the PS3?

Would the WD TV Live make streamed 720p content look any better? Would I be able to stream 1080p content wirelessly from my macbook pro (dual core)? Would 1080p content on a USB drive connected to the WD Live TV still stutter?

Thanks for any answers from the community.


PS3 Media Server is not set up correctly. PS3 Media Server should stream 720p and 1080p video content over a wired LAN without any video degeneration or stutter.

The other issues have already been addressed on this forum. Results vary; you will need to read the forums to determine whether your hardware setup will cause you any issues.


PS3 media server is definitley set up correctly - but I’m mostly using it to wirelessly play the content - you’re right in that it plays fine when there is a wired connection - but that’s what I’m trying to avoid. 

I know the hardware set up makes a difference - that was kind of my question - with a minimal harware set up - in gerneral - will there be issues streaming 1080p content wirelessly?

A more general question - if I connect a USB hard drive to the WD Live then for the most part i shouldn’t see any stuttering when 720p/1080p content is playing - would people agree with this?

Just got mine and it does 1080p streaming wirelessly very nicely even though it’s showing wireless strength only 2 out of 4 bars.  I’m  pretty impressed with this little box.

I think “success” is mostly based upon the quality of the wireless network you have.  My network, and WDTV are wired up within a cat5-wired home, and no problems streaming.  No problems streaming 1080p ISO files wirelessly:  I have streamed between two wireless PCs and it worked fine, but then my wireless signal is strong  in the house.

Thanks for the responses.

I bought the WD TV Live last night and I’m pretty impressed by how well it streams my 720p content wirelessly - these look better when played through the WDTV than anything else I’ve tried - I’m not sure I even need to worry about 1080p. I’m using a 55" Sony HX929 and before this anything I tried to stream that was less than 1080p just looked blurry - but this looks pretty close to blu ray quality.

It doesn’t stream my 1080p content wirelessly, no doubt due to my home network setup, but when I throw those videos on a thumb drive  and connect to the WDTV they play perfectly and look flawless - I’m really happy I picked this up.