Pre-Purchase Backup Query of WD My Cloud 3TB

I am looking to purchase a network drive to use to store music, photos and movies so that it can be accessed from around the home via mobile phone, tv etc. I also want it off my current PC because all of these take so much space up. What I want to know is can I back this drive up directly to an off-site cloud like livedrive? I know that I could back it up to a PC but my reasoning behind it is I want to back this drive up off site so that if house burns down or we get burgled and both the drive and its back up file get stolen, I have a back up of My Cloud in the cloud somewhere? Is this possible or do i have to back up to a PC first before I can back up to the cloud which sort of defeats the object of buying this as I still have to fill my PC with the back up version? Help please!


If you are looking at the single bay My Cloud then you should really take some time to read the My Cloud User Manual ( to gain an understanding of the features (and limitations) of the device.

The older v4.x first gen single bay My Cloud units do not have any kind of official backup to a remote location capability. The newer v2.x second gen single by My Cloud units apparently do have a limited capability to backup the My Cloud to a remote location that typically would contain another second gen v2.x single bay My Cloud. See Chapter 10 Managing Backups, Creating a Remote Backup where this feature is discussed.

Unofficially and absolutely not supported by WD and which may violate the single bay My Cloud warranty one could use SSH to install the GoodSync for WD My Cloud service/module that may sync to a limited number of online storage services. Unknown if the GoodSync works for both versions of the single bay My Cloud versions or just the older v4.x version.

GoodSync Client supports Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), Windows Local, Windows Net Share, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Windows Mobile devices, Windows Azure, Dropbox, OneDrive, Office365, SkyDrive, OneFile, OneDrive Pro (Sharepoint) and Google Docs.