PR4100 will not read drives in any bays

Got some major problems. I have a PR4100 that I was using with Plex, had 3 10 tb hdds in there… I’m afraid I’ve lost all data.

Around the time OS5 came out (not sure if OS5 was pushed to me for autoinstall), all of the sudden my drives stopped working. Been so frustrated, I just set it aside for a while. Then I recently decided to pick it back up, bought a 4tb hdd just to get it up and running again, and guess what, it won’t even work with a brand new 4tb drive, just says ‘Please insert a drive…’. I’ve tried putting in the old drives, tried putting in the 4tb drive in all the bays, nothing works, can’t even start over.

If anyone has any suggestions, would love to hear it. Maybe I can use putty to navigate, but a little bit of a noob when it comes to that. As we all know, WD is not any help, I’ve been that route before and read all the comments. Open to suggestions on fixing PR4100, or extracting the data drives so I can move on to Synology or something that works.

Thanks in advance!

Firmware is V: 2.41.116

When I put in the new 4tb drive, it says no drives installed, no lights below the bays

When I put in the 10tb drives, it fails to read and the lights are red

Using JBOD. Possible something is up with 4TB, I will try and run Disk Manager on it to test, will post results

With the 10tb drives, it says Drive failed in Bay *, whatever drive occupies the bay