PR4100 to PR4100 remote offsite backup W/O UPNP

To all in this forum, I am new here. Need your collective wisdom. I have setup a PR4100 to PR4100 remote backup following the WD provided instruction set. All firmware is current. All pre-requisites are met except one. Due to the current “sending end” Dell SonicWall TZ400AC Gateway which does NOT have UPnP capabilities I can not get it to work. I have submitted the problem to WD Support and got a standard “it doesn’t work w/o UPnP” answer. Dell simply says they don’t support UPnP on the TZ400AC security device. Does anyone know if there is a work around and if not any alternatives that you may have used in its place. Trying to continue to use the PR4100’s. Would prefer not to go to a cloud backup service.

Hi TPFixerLWR,

Enabling Port forwarding rules on a My Cloud device allows access to the My Cloud device from an external network. By default there are no port forwarding rules defined on the My Cloud device. My Cloud provides the cloud access functionality which allows the user to access the content remotely through My Cloud Mobile App or