PR4100 System image - Complete (Options?)

Okay this has been asked before but no real answer:
I have a PR4100 and want to make a complete backup of everything on the disk.
Including all my PLEX OS related DB files and system based information.
I have looked through all the instructions, backed up the RAID configuration.
Currently using a WD 12 TB External drive to backup the entire RAID and only have 8 TB of actual data.
This is due to the fact I lost the entire RAID configuration and had to spend $3500 to get the data back.
I have seen all the posts about the safeguards WD puts in place, blah blah, and can tell you for a fact it is bunk. Worked with them for 2 weeks to find out my chassis was perfect, the drives were intact, and they couldn’t access the RAID configuration to get it working. So now data is back and I am looking to AVOID this situation again by making sure everything is backed up. Any ideas for doing a full backup? I thought about having the OS make an ISO image of the RAID contents but that is not possible it seems.


You could refer to the following link: My Cloud: Install GoodSync 3rd Party App