PR4100 shows Diagnostics "Caution" Fan Speed N/A

My PR4100 Admin Home Page Diagnostics section shows a red Caution notice. When I open the Diagnostics detai, I see that the System Temperature is Normal. However, when I scroll down to the Fan Speed, it says N/A with the red caution icon. Is there a way to fix this?
I am running the latest version of firmware software 2.31.204. I have also re-booted the server twice in the past and hear the fan run for a while and the message is gone. However, it comes back after a couple of days.
Any help or input would be appreciated.

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Thanks dswv.
I keep the fan clear of dust. It has no problem running when I re-boot the server.

We’re currently experiencing the same problem. Did you resolve your issue? If so, what worked for you? For some reason, I cannot read the response by @dswv42.

I have also same issue. Did anyone resolve this issue?