PR4100 showing 0.00MB of storage after decryption

I use the storage encryption feature on my PR4100 and recently rebooted the NAS. I uploaded the security token to decrypt the drives and everything works fine other than the fact the home screen of the dashboard shows 0.00mb of storage. Previously, I recall seeing the 0.00mb of storage on the home screen while the drives were still encrypted but the home screen would update to the correct information after decryption. Am I doing something wrong? I still have about 50% of the total available space on the NAS open which amounts to TBs of capacity for what it’s worth.

That’s weird.
What version of firmware?
Are you sure the storage is mounted and you can access all the shares from Windows or macOS?

Currently, I’m running 2.31.163 but I see an update is available. I can confirm that I am able to view all files through the dashboard app Web File Viewer and that the Plex Media Server runs and successfully plays content from the PR4100. Despite that the dashboard splash screen/home page is still showing 0.00mb of storage space.

The updated firmware indicator now shows up because I restarted the PR4100. This time I entered the password instead of uploading the security token. Either way I receive the 0.00mb indication after successfully decrypting the drive.

For additional context the PR4100 is not at my physical location so that it can act as a backup and not just a copy of my data. I do run Plex on it though from that remote location and have turned on remote dashboard but have not otherwise turned on cloud access to the NAS so that is why I was unable to confirm the ability to access files either with Windows or macOS. But I figured what I was capable of confirming remotely was at least directionally sufficient. I’ll go update the firmware and the Plex app in the next day or two and can see if the firmware update resolves the issue.

The update to firmware 2.31.174 corrected the problem. I’ve tested a few times and have not encountered the issue again.