PR4100 remote backup to EX4100

Has anyone successfully got a remote backup to work to a local server? This is so frustrating. I have SSH enabled, remote server enabled, port forwarding…etc…etc…When I set up a remote backup to a local server, I specify the local server IP address, remote server password, ssh user & password, the source folder …so far so good…when I browse to the destination folder, I see the share I want to use…some of the time! I selected the destination folder when I did see it and select ‘Create’ but nothing happens…then when I try the whole thing again…it doesn’t find the destination folder…but sometimes it does…and when it does, selecting ‘Create’ doesn’t do a darn thing! Is the Remote Backup function pretty much useless? Do I need to use Windows explorer to copy from my PR4100 to my EX4100?

Remote backup is a bit broken afaik.
But if you know how to use SSH you can create an rsync script or you could get docker and use syncthing
Here’s a(n untested) setup to sync a share named SomeShare

docker volume create syncthing_config
docker create \
  --name syncthing \
  -v syncthing_config:/config \
  -v /shares/SomeShare:/mnt/someshare \
  -e UMASK_SET=<022> \
  -p 8384:8384 -p 22000:22000 -p 21027:21027/udp \
  --restart always \

The web UI is on port 8384 (so you should browse to http://nasipaddress:8384)

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Thank you for the response and for the link to this material. I have little knowledge of SSH but with some self-education I should be able to get this setup. Also, with some troubleshooting, I have found that WD’s Remote Backup works when you select one (1) share at a time. Another word, you have to create a backup job for each individual share. They can all go into the same destination folder though. Thank you again!