PR4100 Raid5 + mapping on Mac

I have buy the PR4100. Before I have the Cloud home Duo 2x4 TB but have a crash so i decide to buy the pr4100. Put the two disk 4TB + 2 more.
1.I have install raid 5 but not choice “chiffrer un volume” encrypt.
Who can I change this in further not to reformat the disque and lose the file. I have see that we can change the raid. If I choice Raid 5 …
2. I work on Imac who can I see directly my cloud on the Imac. For the moment I transfert the file with internet explorer this is not easy

Ok I see now the mapping Mycloudpr4100 on the network Mac
I have change some protocol but don’t which one give me the mapping …

Thanks in advance


@HUBEVD Try this sub-forum, it is for your device.