PR4100 Passwords very confusing

What’s the point of creating a Share Password if it’s not used to map a network drive. The only password that works for mapped network drives (for me) is the NAS admin password. Also when creating a account from the Dashboard, you must set a password, then when the user gets the invite email, they’re also require to setup a password. Does their password overwrite the password that I entered when I created the account invite?

Hi dean,
…this os 5 update is so bad. and less described, as the pw procedures are not transparent decsribed.

The password you define or redefine for the users on your NAS is the password you can only use to login via your local network (LAN) by other devices, e.g. PC or MAC etc. [But not with the new iOS wd cloud 5 App …as this is going thru the internet validation of the WD portal somehow]
If you enable now a NAS user for Cloud access …you sent out an invitation for it, at this time you won’t be asked to set a password. Pick up the email to access the WD cloud portal to set a “internet access” password for this user. As this step is done you can use afterwards the WD Cloud 5 App (iOS, Android) or the WD cloud 5 webportal…to login by the “email-name” and the password you set at the WD portal for the ID. [the local user IDs passwords cannot be used on the app or portal as they were not synch to the WD webportal)