PR4100 multiple creation of public folders - how to delete

Hi all.
I am using the PR4100 as private cloud at home. I used to use drive 1+2 and 3+4 as RAID1. Due to the situation I needed a short term expansion of storage place, I copied all files from 3+4 to an external drive and downgraded it afterwards to JBDO. I have not cleard the public folder, so the system copies the files onto drive 3.
Now after each reeboot it seems that the public foulder is multiplied. In the moment I have about 512 folders … increasing. :frowning:

I tried to delete those folders manually, but with no sucess.
Has anybody an idea how I can stop this creation of public folders and how to delete them in a mass run?

Thanks a lot for any support here.

Best regards

Hi dswv42.
Thanks for your help. Indeed I did not get any further information from support.
But a complete reset did it, like recommended in the link. :frowning: