PR4100 - Major errors

As per my previous topic, I was attempting to remove the RAID on my PR4100, in order to replace some drives. I have everything backed up to 2 12tb drives, and 4 6tb in the PR4100.

I had a RAID5 array set up on my original drives. I used the change RAID function on the dashboard and tried to switch to spanning mode, the drive self-test went fine, but when it began partitioning, gave error ‘Hard Drive(s) Formatting Failure(Error Code:635)’. And asked me to hibernate and try again.

I did this and on boot up, all drive bay lights are showing red, thought the drive health statuses are all showing good. The RAID status however shows as degraded or damaged. I tried to use the utilities tab of the dashboard to factory restore, and to format the drives, but this did nothing, they are all still showing as full.

At this point all I want to do is tear it all down and start again, but it seems I can’t even do that.

we are facing the same problem: we had a RAID 10 and when destroying and creating a RAID5, around 80% returns error 635.