PR4100 how to show in explorer or finder remotely


I recently purchased and setup my PR4100. It works exactly as I want it to on my home network. I’m on a Mac, and in my “finder” I can simply click on the drive under network and the entire thing operates as a normal drive would, with folders, drag and drop, etc.

What I would like to do is have my staff able to utilize the drive in the same way outside of the home network. So lets say I have someone who lives 50 miles away, they are on their own home network, is there a way for them to access the drive in the same manner (going to finder or explorer on windows, and clicking on our network drive and utilizing it as a normal drive operates?) or is the only way that ‘outsiders’ can access the drive through the web interface?

I tried setting up FTP with the proper port forwarding and nothing seems to work on the other end. They seem limited to accessing the drive via the web browser interface, rather than having the drive on their explorer/finder.

Can anyone help with this?