PR4100 File/Folder Permissions

I’ve got a share on the PR4100 that’s tossing the ‘Failed to enumerate objects in the container. Access is denied.’ error when attempting to change permissions (it’s not allowing anyone to write). I’ve tried the normal way as well as through the advanced button and re-assigning ownership - but no matter what I try, I keep getting the same error - even when it tries to change ownership.

What’s the fix for this on the WD PR4100 series?

What created the these files and folders? An app on the PR4100 or a computer on your network?
Which user and group owns these files and folders?

Reason I ask is that if an app creates files an folders, like Plex, then the owner and group of each file and folder created is root. This can be sorted out using a Linux shell command named chown.

The issue isn’t with the share on the PR4100 as far as I can tell - it’s in a sub-folder of that share that is then shared via Windows.
The owner on that folder is listed as: Linux User (XXXX\nobody) - where XXXX is the name of the PR4100 share.
The Dashboard for the PR4100 share has all users set to Read/Write and opLocks enabled.

There’s an accessible Linux shell on the 4100?

It’s from Windows BTW…

Yes there is.

SWEET! Thanks!