PR4100 Drive Offline


I have a recurring issue with the PR4100 displaying “Drive Offline” on the MyCloud App on the SmartPhones.

I’m running a PR4100 connected to a cable modem in my home office. I am able to access the drive via laptop, iPhones, iPads, Samsung fairly reliably using WiFi when in the house. The Smart TVs are a little less reliable. But remote access to the PR4100 via Smart Phones running MyCloud when I’m offsite is about 70% available / 30% drive offline. When I have someone power down and reboot the PR4100, I can then access the device via MyCloud on the smart phones.

Again, rebooting the drive will cause the drive to appear on remote users’ MyCloud App.

Btw . . . During one of the “Drive Offline” episodes, I’m still able to fully utilize the drive while I’m in the WiFi coverage area of the house, but anyone outside the direct WiFi connection gets the “Drive Offline” error message.

What could be causing the drive to be online for a good percentage of the time and then suddenly go offline?
Is there a configuration setting somewhere on the PR4100?
Or is it a configuration setting on the cable router? (another test I need to perform is to reboot the cable modem and see if the drive appears).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Short version: You may want to consider replacing any ISP-provided modem and router with your own equipment.

Long version: I am having a very similar problem with my PR4100. In addition to the PR4100, I have a network monitoring device called a Fingbox on the network and both frequently report that the network connection is down. By looking at the modem/router/gateway device, about half of these reports are false. I can log on the PR4100 and access it through the web interface.

After three service calls from my ISP, replacing the FIngbox, and discussions with Fingbox technical support the indication is that there is some interaction among these three devices that causes this issue. The recommendation from Fingbox was to replace the ISP-provided equipment with my own modem and router.

My ISP on this LAN, Spectrum/Time Warner requires that I use their modem so I can’t really test that. Spectrum provided a Technicolor TC8717T and I’ve been through two of them. Incidentally, they are no longer supported on Spectrum’s cable Internet service.

BTW, the connection will restore itself in anywhere from a couple of minutes to four hours.

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I have a Technicolor from Time Warner Spectrum. Your theory seems to be the strongest one yet.

My problems with the Fingbox, Technicolor modem, and PR4100 seem to have improved lately. Did I mention that Fingbox TS told me to push the reset button but be careful. No s**t, broke into three pieces. There’s more but not really on topic other than to say that I happened to have another Fingbox that had exhibited all the same problems. Didn’t do anything but hook it up.

Since, the Fingbox is complaining much less and has on occasion even been justified. Alerts are down from the PR4100, as well, but happen more often than with the FB. Has me wondering if there is some sort of lag with the NAS alerts or similar. All the devices accessing the NAS, except the iPad, are dual-homed, so I may be shooting my own foot here.

Anyway, hope you,too, have seen some improvement.

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