PR4100 drive failed in bay 1,2,3,4

I accidentally hit the power switch on my power strip while the PR4100 was running. It is now saying “drive failed in bay 1,2,3,4” on the LCD in the front and the web interface is saying no drives installed. The web interface just tells me to install a drive and hit continue.

Anyone have any suggestions for something for me to try? I have this bad feeling I just lost ~15TB of data.

Hi gth685f,

You can check after performing the 4 second & 40 second reset on My Cloud PR4100 and open dashboard to diagnose the health of device. If issue still persists, safely remove all hard drives from the My Cloud enclosure then reinsert them. Device may take time to rebuild RAID so please let it complete and once you get the solid blue LED, try to access it on computer.