PR4100 Drive 2 always bad, even after swapping with new drive

It says Drive 2 is bad even when I shut off the device, swap for a new HDD, and reboot. When I run a quick disk test it says the drive is fine. I have it running in RAID 5, and it says the volume is degraded. When I try to rebuild the array with a new drive, it fails. I have tried this multiple times.

How do I get it to successfully rebuild the array? Thank you.

I would recommend you to perform the full test on the hard drives. If still the issue persists, you should contact WD Support for such issue. There could be the chance that Bay 2 of your My Cloud PR4100 enclosure is causing some issue.

To know the steps of disk test on My Cloud device, you can click on the link given below.

Moreover, you can refer the link given below to know the steps to manually rebuild the RAID.