PR4100 does not recognize Files (Movie/Others) correctly

My PR4100 does not recognize my files correctly. I only transferred Movies (.avi, .mkv) so far but it tells me that there are ~20% Movies and ~80% “other”. Does anyone else experience such a behaviour and is there a way to solve it?

Hi there,

All they all being transferred to the same Share? Have you check the file extensions once they’re uploaded to the Cloud?

I have two shares so far. In both are files of the types .avi, .mp4, .mkv and a few subtitle-files. At some point the NAS stopped recognizing the files as movie-files. The size showed under “movies” stays the same. All new files are listed as “other”. And yes, I know that .sub and .srt (subtitle-files) are not listed as movie but they are cumulated far under 10 mb. On the NAS are about 5 TB so far. I had the EX2100 before and never experienced that. I don’t know if it’s important. I have 3 hdd inside my PR4100, running as RAID 5.

Have you tried rebuilding the database?

Problem solved - the unconventional way. The NAS marked one HDD as bad (I was shocked because the RAID was only a few hours old) but after rebuilduing the RAID the files were categorized correctly. Don’t know if the bad disk was the reason (I’m quite sure it wasn’t) but anyway, seems to be fixed and that’s essential. Thank you for your ideas feragui.