PR4100 DLNA Privacy Problem

Default behaviour: all devices can access DLNA Server anonymously no matter share is public or private.

After device connect to DLNA server it will listed in media players

In this feature i can allow or reject access by ipaddress.

If i can set default from allow all to reject all ip, then whitelist them or manually turn on allow the ipaddress, i think it will be nice feature than anonymous access.

Maybe most of the customers here already accept about how the access works, but i think those simple features are very important for privacy.

The DLNA Server inside the My Cloud are powered by Twonky media. I think there is a setting in the native Twonky media server management page to share for new media receivers automatically. You can give that a try.

You can access the Twonky UI by entering the IP address of your My Cloud in the web browser address bar followed by :9000


This is what im looking for


Just found little dissapointed with this current twonky version 7.2.9-15, it doesnt fully stream all folders in shares, i have 1600 folders A-Z, its stream only folders A-B and some .avi files is invalid in log.

Did my cloud dashboard discontinued support on newest twonky because version 8 is paid version?

Is it safe if i manual install twonkly latest version by myself?

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