PR4100 disconnecting from network

Greetings everyone !

One of my customers is having an issue with his PR4100. He can access it through MyCloud at any time, but loses it sometimes on the network (disappears from the finder, and Time Machine can’t backup anymore). Sometimes it can come back on its own, and sometimes he has turn reboot it.

I found an old 2014 thread (not about this particular model obviously) in which I could read the exact same symptoms. A firmware had been released in order to fix the issue.

Has anyone here experienced this with the PR4100 NAS ?

Thank you very much in advance !

Hi redh_nc,

Mostly such issues are caused due to ethernet cable in local network. I would suggest to try to use My Cloud device with another ethernet cable in this concern.

Hi Brandon,

As it appeared to be working at the same time from MyCloud, and that this ethernet cable is the only way that the NAS is connected to the network AND the Internet, I didn’t really think about trying with another one, but I will give it a shot !

I will post the updates here, thank you very much !