Pr4100 disappointed

This server disappoints. It doesn’t remember folders I have created. It does not do itunes, playlists, etc…

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You don’t need to buy Plex, just enable the DLNA / uPnP server.
And for better iTunes integration you could try a DAAP compatible server such as

This mycloud pr4100 is ■■■■!
I am out of town and cannot connect to it.
I have tried the direct web address and my cloud app and Plex app. Nothing connects.
This is why I bought it so I can connect anywhere at anytime.

I have it on a backup ups battery supply. I can access my security cameras so I know that my network is active. But I can’t get into my pr4100! This is horse ■■■■!

The NAS can do lots of things you mention, but you are not asking for help. Until you quit griping as you are, I doubt anyone will offer help.

Contact WD Support for assistance.

Agreed with everyone that this is not how to go about issues. There are quite a number of issues that could be causing remote access to not work (it is not enabled out of the box for security reasons). Note that depending on what you want to access, you may need to forward additional ports (also for some applications, like Plex, you will need to enable remote access via the web dashboard).