PR4100 - Cascade of failures on NAS/Plex Server

I currently have a PR4100 NAS w/ 4 - 4TB WD Red drives. The only thing I’m using it for is a Pex server.
This morning I got up and noticed that the DVR said the tuner was unavailable. I reinstalled the DVR and it then was able to find the tuner. However, it only worked for about 15 minutes. Then failed again. I tried rebooting the system. That didn’t work. So I moved the tuner to another USB port and tried rebooting again. After rebooting again. I got a temperature sensor failure on drive 4. The system said to replace drive 4. I removed drive 4 (hotswap). As soon as I removed drive 4, drive 3 went down. Now the system basically completely dead. I’m desperate for answer. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi johnfran1,

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