PR4100 - can't mount shares over CIFS

I tried mounting PR4100 shared folders in DSM (Synology) and got CIFS error. Upon reaching out to Synology customer support I was told WD NAS uses an archaic version of CIFS which isn’t supported due to security reasons. Anybody had a similar experience? I’m trying to copy over all data from WD NAS to Synology NAS directly without using a computer.

Edit: I’ve already set both devices to work with SMB 1-3 temporarily so this isn’t the issue

Only CIFS and NFS options were there. Later found out FTP option to mount external drives. Copy is in progress though it’ll take some time (~20tb data). First impressions - unit looks slick, I can put it in the living room, turn off the LEDs and it won’t stick out unlike PR4100, software functionality and apps availability is insane compared to severly limited OS3/5. Not sure why people still buy WD NAS (limited research being my mistake).

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I use A/C duct tape (the silver looking type ) light will be blocked
then Make a very small hole with a needle if some light is still needed.

I use red film or only red on computer builds -at least the RGB controls can do that.

The Bright BLUE in electronic hardware is way to bright.
Ah for the old days of soft warm red glow from Vacuum tubes :slight_smile:

The issue here is absence of an option to turn off LEDs, common WD how lazy can you engineers be, even my router has this functionality.

Some of my NAS units are EOL

I am still waiting for a firmware update on my power strip to get that red NE-2 neon light OFF.

That red light seem to tell the dog right where to step to shut down my whole computer system.