PR4100 - Can't even "Get Started" even though fresh out of the box!

Brand spanking new - Blinking stopped, went to, clicked the “Get Started” and the web page went to the IP address of the device, and then it promptly told me:
“You don’t have permission to access / on this server.”

I don’t know how the “40 second factory reset” is applied, so I first tried it while it was already "up, and the system rebooted, but no joy. Then I tried powering down, holding reset, powering up, which did absolutely nothing until after it was in its “run state.” It then rebooted, and still no joy.

I have tried reseating the drives, and that did nothing either.

Will it say “factory reset” on the screen when its ready for that task?

I have a ticket in, but I doubt I will get help any time soon, other than the community’s help…