PR4100 Can't access to NAS locally


Probably another topic about it.
I tried everything… it is not working.


I have already done some strange modification on my computer to be able to see it in “Network”.
But i can’t access it.

Resetted the NAS many times, accepted SMB Client/Server, added logs in Windows Credentials, did the strange manipulation in HKEY (deleted it later because it didn’t helped and seemed risky).

What can i do? (Already used Search Bar but nothing helped me…)

Thank you!

EDIT: Of course it is updated.
I am not even asking to how access in via VPN or other thing externally…
By the way WD Sync was better than GoodSync, we have to pay monthly now? smh

Try using the IP address like \ of the NAS IP address
If that does not work, in the NAS webui setting, Network change the SMB version to 1 or 2.

Ohhh yes, i have access using “\192.168.X.X”.
I don’t know why i can’t access like in my screenshot but it will be ok, thank you!