PR4100 Automatic Shutdown on Critical Battery Level

I have my PR4100 connected up to an APC Back-UPS ES 700. NAS detects its presence and seems to work great in every respect. Digital display shows ‘On UPS Power’ when I test power failure, the On/Off light changes colour to red and system emails me a critical alert as it should.

The problem I have is that the system doesn’t auto shut down until the battery is at 10%. Is there any way for me to define a greater percentage of remaining battery to initiate shutdown? As it stands the NAS takes quite a while to shut down and the battery has actually fully drained before shutdown completes on a couple of occasions.

The User’s manual mentions set percentages and does not clarify if it can be modified. Perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so in the following link:

Any ideas? Anyone!