PR4100 and Using Custom Folder Icons


Does anyone know of a way to force the PR4100 to recognize and/or retain custom folder icons on the data I copy onto its drives? I use some of the native Windows icons (contained within \System32\shell32.dll) to mark folders for status/priority, and I noticed that all of the folders that I’ve copied over to drives on the MyCloud have reverted to their normal “folder” icon.

In my research on the topic I stumbled on this community post from 2014, which suggests that it might be possible by changing the Apache web server default icons, through the /usr/share/apache2/icons directory. I’d be willing to attempt this, if it’s even still relevant, however I’ve no idea how to access the Apache files, and searching on the subject hasn’t delivered any results.

If anyone has any ideas or a solution, I’d love to hear about it.

Changing the Apache icons is irrelevant… Apache is a webserver. The icons are only used when a webserver is configured as a basic file browser.

This thread is probably more relevant. It’s with respect to the EX4, but the tests would work the same.

Cheers, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the discussion on that thread just peters out, with no real resolution. It seems like I’m out of luck, which is distressing. I means I can’t store certain content on the PR4100 as it won’t display the icons I need to differentiate status and priority. The lack of such basic functionality in a $500 product is…lame.