PR4100 and using any log data in SQL

Hey gang -

New to the forum. I’m running a PR4100 with plex. Love it, it’s super fast, highly recommend it.

So I’m trying to see how to get started on something like this. The dashboard is great that is provided, but I like testing out my SQL. I’m hoping there’s some way to get log data from my server.

I can handle SQL Server and VBA, so maybe point me in the right direction on this… When I view the log data, I’m unable to export. And the data that’s provided is very limited, basically to events. Would love it if the log could be exported in a file format I could use, like excel, xml, something delimited and easy.

Tried view source with the log, it’s HTML, which I’m not super familiar with. I’m learning C#, but I’m nowhere near being able to use it for something like this yet. My end goal is to automate the event/diagnostic/usage data into SQL Server table(s) and query against it. Like, hey how many times have I viewed a file? Or times the server was accessed? Or upload/download data to this server specifically and it’s average rate per day / per hour / etc.

So hopefully you can see where my nerdiness has taken me, I want to do more with the server I own. I appreciate any suggestions out there.


If you want to manage your complete NAS, have a look at the phpMyAdmin app, it provides access to the model data. And here’s some deeper explanation about the logging process.

To manage Plex, have a look at Tautulli.

Awesome! I’ll take a look. Thanks for sharing!