PR2100 trying to add another HDD

I have a My Cloud Mirror and a PR2100 also have a MyBookLiveDuo. I’ve been trying to figure out how I can add the LiveDuo to the PR2100 for the use of PLEX. The LiveDuo was the original drive I stored everything on, well now its out of space so I went with the PR2100 I’m hoping to eliminate having to use my laptop as my server as its up in age. If the PR2100 could handle that part of my PLEX library (although I doubt its possible) I’d be thrilled. The manual wasn’t all that helpful and I haven’t found a lot through Google so this is my “Hail Mary”.


I have never tried this but we have some very experienced user on this community that might be able to share some thoughts with us regarding this topic. Lets wait and see if they can comment on this thread.