PR2100 Sleep/Standby mode issue

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to troubleshoot (with WD support team as well) for few weeks now and I don’t find the solution.
My PR2100 never go to sleep.
When it sends the HDD to sleep, it’s only for 5-10 minutes then it wakes up.

So here is what I’ve done so far:

  1. Restore factory including erase the HDD (4TB WD RED), and followed this procedure:

  2. I’ve even then disabled more features. in fact - ALL features has been disabled…

  3. connected the NAS to my computer giving it static IP to standalone computer

  4. killed the crontab (after restart)

  5. edited /etc/NAS_CFG/config.xml --> I realised that SMB was enabled although the GUI says different!

Firmware tested: 2.31.149, 2.31.163 and 2.31.174

Is there any manual sleep/standby option? or anything that can finally help me to solve this?

I’m desperate now.
HDD wakes up all the time. even when it sleeps, the fan spinning and I can see the blue light solid and never blinking like it should when it’s in standby mode…
even when I issue hdparm -y, the HDD goes to sleep and wakes up.
but the NAS itself NEVER go to sleep.

I hope someone here will solve this issue or can help me with your thongs -
a moment before I return the item and switch to ASUSTOR AS6202T - which is a device that actually has “sleep” in the menu and support S3 standby (not sure if wd support that)

Thanks in advance.

Hi dorz5,

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Hi Brandon,

What message exactly?
I didn’t see a reply to the original message I post.