PR2100 locks up / disconnects from network when attaching USB hard drive

I got my PR 2100 in the mail yesterday and I was attempting to transfer my video files for plex to the new NAS. As soon as i plug hard drive into the USB port (front or back), the NAS disconnects from the network and does not resolve itself. I must hard reboot it to access the web admin panel or the network shares. This external USB hard drive is 4TB in capacity, but has about 2.6TB being used. Also I should note this is a HFS+ drive.

Is anyone else seeing this issue?

Try to confirm if said external hard drive uses the USB Attached SCSI protocol. It will not work with your unit and cause a lock-up if so (At the time of this post).

Im not running windows, but as from what I have researched this drive is not UAS.

Detailed info from my computer:

This is the hard drive i am using:

Western Digital has known for years that the PR4100 crashes and has to be rebooted when a standard UAS type non-Western Digital external hard drive is connected to it. However, instead of honestly informing buyers of that fact, you sell the NAS and pretend to discover that after the purchase and wasting thousands of dollars’ worth of the buyer’s time and trouble. That inconsiderate marketing approach is cruel and unforgivable. It takes a lifetime for a company to build a reputation and one shortsighted decision to lose it. I’ve purchased at least twenty-five Western Digital hard drives over the years however I never intend to buy another. I am completely heartbroken over this horrible experience and will get a full cash refund from the Seller. Offering a 25% discount as a remedy is adding insult to injury. Western Digital should stand by the products it sells but more than that, it should practice honesty and integrity in its business practices. The bottom line is HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. Your current marketing approach will get you one time customers but not repeat buyers. I not only feel sorry for us deceived buyers but also for your telephone support staff that are forced to lie to make a living. If I had to lie daily to do my job, it would impact my self-image. Hopefully after you lose enough customers, your company will see the light. Furthermore, you should add the question “Would you recommend Western Digital to your friend and colleagues?” to this survey. Had you done so, my answer would have been: NO. I hope this registers.

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I had the same problem…several USB hard drives that WD will not allow to work with the PR2100.
Will likely return the PR2100 since this is a show stopper for us.

Did some ggogling here and there - apparently there were some issues with UAS drivers, but if I understand the forum right, these issues have been solved in 2014, just WD cannot be bothered to update he UAS driver…

@Trancer, I (and all the people having this issue) would really appreciate getting some update from dev team. This is a serius bug that hangs whole system, and should be adressed as such.

While I understand where you’re coming from, UAS devices are not supported on the WD My Cloud PR4100 at the time of this post. It may be addressed via a future firmware update, but development roadmaps are not available to the public.

@Trancer, I am afraid that the usual response “We will fix it… Someday… Maybe… Stop asking!” will simply not cut it. You advertise device as USB 3 capable. UAS is part of USB 3 standard.
That means the information that product is USB 3 compliant at the time we bought the product was incorrect, implies false advertising, and, if I am not mistaken, gives the customer right to return the product.
Now I am not saying I want my money back, but for others this may be a game breaker, and for some big inconvenience at least.
I would say that users deserve a clear reply if this is going to be fixed or not.

And, as usual, we will never hear from WD again. I suggest all of you affected by this bug to raise ticket with WD support. My hopes are if enough people complain, they will (maybe) actually do something about it.
My guess is that this is outdated USB3 driver issue, should not be that hard to fix…

EDIT: Got a response from WD support, usual canned one - blah blah we are sorry, provide drive specs.
I have sent them specs for USB3 drive that kills system on my WD, and added little extra in the form of USB3 specification document.

I would appreciate if you let me know if you are interested in how this develops or if I should not waste your time.

Dear Pro Series Customers,

The issue reported in this thread has been escalated to the appropriate teams within WD.
Thank you for your patience.

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I (we) would appreciate some update on this. Any ETA on fix?