PR2100 Bricked completely dead

:Hi I am in Brisbane Australia. I purchased a PR2100 very cheaply on eBay. It was completely dead. It came without power supplies which I had to purchase from Amazon Australia.
I exhausted all options to get the thing going - reset - no life at all.

I dismantled it completely and located the bios chip. There was no obvious damage to the circuitry. It is a 8mb 1.8v chip. I had to read the chip details with the help of a magnifying glass. I had a small eprom programmer which I purchased from China for $25AU. I purchased it for a number of computer projects. I also have a couple of dead Dell laptop motherboards. The programmer was a CH341A Pro with the 1.8v adapter.

After some trial and error I got the programmer operating under Windows 10.

I made sure I removed the CR2032 battery from the PR2100 board. First of all I searched the WD support web site to see if there was a bios file which I could write back to the bios chip. I wasn’t able to identify any likely file (all the bin files were obviously too large). The first thing you should do prior to attempting to write to the bios eprom is to back up what is there already. I did this and read the file and saved it to my laptop.

As I am a subscriber to several forum web sites (I have found Bad Caps . Net Forum to be a very good one), it was my intention to post a message and see if anyone had the correct bin file. It was also my intention to approach WD to see if they would supply the file.

I decided to give the PR2100 one last try. I flashed the saved bios file back to the eprom and reassembled the PR2100. To my absolute joy the thing booted up and is now working perfectly.

I am posting this as it may be of some assistance to anyone who also has a completely dead PR2100. It may just be worth a try.