PR2100 and iSCSI using both NICs

I want to configure my PR2100 to use iSCSI with redundancy. I have configured link aggregation on the NICs to none, gave each NIC a different IP address (on different subnets) and connected each NIC to a different switch. Now I have a windows machine connected to both switches. When I create an iscsi target on the PR2100 I get only one discovery portal and only one target name for the target and when I try to connect from windows using iscsi I only see one target.

How can I make an iscsi connection from the windows machine use both NICs for maximal throughput? preferably using the 2 switchs and if not possible using only 1 switch

You can’t. Windows will always “pin” a single flow to a single interface based on its internal routing table.

And since the target has unique IPs depending on which “side” of the network you’re using, load balancing will never occur.

At any rate, unless your iSCSI LUN drives the network to a full 1Gbps, there’d be no advantage to dual paths anyway.

So I guess my only option is using the 2 NICs of the PR2100 as Active/Passive and get a 1Gb connection speed with redundancy