PR 2100 / 2.30.181 - safe to use Cloud Access out of the home with firmware update


I bought a PR2100 last year to share photos and videos with family and friends but also to for my customers to access files for the work I do for them. At first only family in my house could access the device both on the local home network and remotely via the app and webpage. For the last couple of months I have removed Cloud access as don’t feel the device is secure being connected to our router due to WD’s lack of commitment to providing on time firmware updates when security breaches have been revealed to them up to six months before.

At present I feel WD have not supplied a device Fit for Purpose due to their lack of commitment in being honest when flaws are found and working for a quick response time to fix the issues. If I could return my NAS and get a full refund I would - unless anyone here knows more than I do and says its safe to use again.

Thanks in advance.

Hi CiderMatt,

There are rumors of a backdoor entry that will provide access to data on WD My cloud drives. This issue did exist however was resolved with a FW upgrade :

This report is based on older firmware 2.30.165. We are already aware of all the issues mentioned in this report.

We released a security update v2.30.172 in Nov ( with some emergency vulnerabilities fixed.

The backdoor hack (SKY-10217) is no longer applicable on latest firmware.

We are addressing other security issues in future releases this year.

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Matt, you can always check firmware release notes to see what has been fix. Anyway family photos and videos and even stuff for you customers do not sound like info a hacker would care about anyway…Relax.

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Thanks Mike27Oct. I doubt hackers would be interested in the files on my NAS, its just the thought that someone could tried to access it. Must have too much time on their hands if they have time for this.

It’s just that I don’t feel as threatened as some about this. Hackers are more interested in finding a few million credit card numbers to snatch than honing their skills on my NAS with music and video files. What IS quite concerning is the Ransomware hits some people have experienced, Those folks want our money

I think the main thing is to have a back up copy of what’s on your NAS so if the worse happens with failure or theft you have a back up copy to go back to.

Every media file on my NAS is a COPY of the originals stored elsewhere.