Powerline connection

It is clearly stated in the instructions that the device should be connected directly to a router. In my setup, my BT router is downstairs and my PC upstairs. I decided to connect my WD Cloud device to my BT 500 powerline extender which is in th same room as my PC. This adapter is obviously linked to the router via the house electric line. I was very surprised to find that my WD device works with this connection.

The powerline extender is pretending to be a piece of Cat5e/Cat6 cable. So as far as the MyCloud is concerned, it is connected directly to the router.

The only downside is that you might experience reduced speeds (i.e. you might not get gigabit), and you may be susceptible to power circuit noise causing data errors. The link protocol ought to cope with these errors, but they will further reduce effective link rate.

I think it is worth trying this method if proximity of router to PC is important.i

It doesn’t matter as long as its on your network. Mine is connected to my main switch.


Try to get those higher ratings, think last I saw few years back was 300Mbps maybe more now. I once used the 100Mbps before switching to cat6 and sometimes it’s struggling to stream >= 10GB mkv. Maybe it’s just my noisy circuitry.

I have a different brand of power line adapter I got a few years ago. First I had the 300mbps version, No good for streaming video media, I later got the 500mbps model, and it was better at video streaming, but still not that good. I have excellent wired and wireless network, so I got the thing to “play with” and put in any place in house with poor reception of wireless so someone could do email or web browse and other less demanding tasks than video streaming. So, I checked it out thoroughly, but never set it up permanently. It turned out that a few range extenders in home helps extent the network better than the power line adapter did.

The issue with these things is the network signal has to go through a lot of house wire, and it is not always via the shortest route. When I was evaluating the efficacy of the thing, I always made sure I was in the same electrical circuit as the device connected to it. It worked best that way, but across the house, no; too much line loss.

So to OP, check your new setup well, but I think you will find you have better performance when My Cloud is directly plugged into router. Hope it works well for you.

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