Power Supply Specs: could someone check yours and reply?

This is a pre-purchase request.

Can you please tell me the following:

What is/are the input voltage/voltages? (Is it 110v only or 110/220?)

What is the output amperage/wattage?

Thanks in advance!

Reason: I am primarily motivated to use the WD TV Play abroad as a viewer for my Slingbox located in the US. I want to know whether I will have to obtain a 220v power supply or if the supplied power supply already supports 220v.

Input 100 - 240v 50-60Hz

Output 12v 1.5A

Thanks so much for your speedy reply! Just wondering from your username-- did you buy your device outside the US? If you did, I want confirmation that the US devices are also 110-240V AC input.

richUK wrote:
Input 100 - 240v 50-60Hz

Output 12v 1.5A

The voltage range and the Hz range given tells you it will work in US, UK. and anywhere else they use these ranges.  You would most likely need an adapter plug for the end of your US wall wart if you did not get a “collection” of these with the Play.  Look up the TV Play in the WD support section for the full user guide, quick guide, etc.  It’s all here.

I wonder if the Play can co-exist with a Slingbox.  That would be good for you to know, too!

PS to RichUK:  Did you get yourself a TV Play?

I went ahead and ordered the Play. The power adapter has the same specs as RichUK so it will work worldwide.

The Play does have a Sling app-- that is why I considered buying the Play from the beginning.

Thanks again, RichUK!