Power supply questions

The apartment I live in has a mixture of 110 and 220 V and 50 / 60 Hz frequency, with American and European sockets. Basically, there is no standard mains voltage! Do all of the Livewires automatically switch between voltage / frequency or are there different versions for different voltages? It looks like there are detachable power cables; are these standard power cables that can be changed for different sockets?

Wow.   Don’t they have building codes where you live?!

Anyway, yes, the Livewire’s are autosensing power supplies.

The power cables are passive; there’s no electronics in them.

You can either use adapters or change the plugs if you need to.

I’m curious…   110 and 220:  I can understand that; that’s just how the transformers are tapped.   But HOW on EARTH are they bringing in both 50 and 60 Hz power???  That’s EXTREMELY expensive unless the AC power is generated on-site in a rectifier / inverter chain…

The Saudi government is supposed to standardize on 230V 60 Hz. But older buildings don’t seem to have any building standards. Some old apartments have mostly 110V / 60 Hz with American sockets, but wire two circuits together to get 220V / 60 Hz for A/C units and electric stoves. Usually, the 220V sockets have UK square pin sockets. I made it a point of checking the voltages on the sockets when I moved into an old apartment, as sometimes you get an American socket wired up to an A/C circuit :dizzy_face:.

The hospital I worked in was built by three different contractors, from three different countries. So part of the hospital was built by an American company, so had 110V and 220V / 60 HZ with two different sockets. Another part was built by a French company (220V / 50Hz) and a third part was built by a UK company - 240V / 50 Hz. The Biomed engineers had to carry a cart just for transformers, frequency converters and plug adapters, so that they could hook up irrespective of which part of the hospital they were going to be working in:dizzy_face: